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Subsea & Seabed Warfare 

The, largely unexplored, seafloor is the latest battle space.  There are few companies that can work in this challenging environment, and even less with comparable expertise as Oceanetics.  Ranging from the shoreline to the ocean depths, we use the latest technology to support missions that identify, map, pursue, or exploit the enemy’s subsea systems while monitoring, defending, and maintaining our own.  We support Unmanned Maritime Systems, Undersea Communications & Integration, Advanced Undersea Systems, Maritime Surveillance Program, Submarine Escape & Rescue, and Undersea Defensive Warfare Systems.  Oceanetics continues to explore and expand Sensor Fusion in the maritime environment in pursuit of assisted remote and autonomous operation.  Oceanetics specializes in turnkey solutions for subsea systems that utilize cables and sensors.  We perform horizontal directional drilling (HDD), seafloor surveys, and underwater inspections using ROVs, AUVs, and divers. 

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